Matthias Haffner


"The Pandeiro - modern approach in tradition" - in this specific workshop we will discuss the different styles and rhythms played in Choro as well as their modern approach on the Pandeiro. The workshop focusses on styles, groove, techniques. Matthias Dizzy


Matthias Haffner was born in Ulm, Germany and has been living as a professional musician in the Netherlands since 1996 where he studied Latin American percussion and World Music at the Rotterdam World Music academy. Since then, Haffner has become a sought-after percussionist in Jazz and World Music in the Netherlands, and plays an important role in developing and spreading Brazilian music.

Many travels and long-term stays have brought him to the source of his inspiration: Brazil, Cuba, Africa and India.

Matthias Haffner gives workshops in Brazilian- and other percussions all over the Netherlands as well as up road and teaches in different schools, under which the new “Escola Portátil de Música Holanda” (the sister-school of the famous Choro-school in Rio de Janeiro) where he is the instructor for the Pandeiro, the Brazilian frame-drum and other percussion.


Haffner had the honour to take lessons with:

Marcos Suzano, Guello, Mestre Marçal, Robertinho Silva, Celsinho Silva, Kiko Freitas, Changuito, Orestes Vilato, Armando Peraza, Ralph Irizarry, Michael Spiro, John Santos, Dom Um Romao, Luis Conte, Zohar Fresco, Carlo Rizzo, David Kuckhermann, Oscar Bolão, Marcio Bahia, Bernardo Aguilar, etc.


Haffner played in countless bands and projects, among others with Zuco 103, Fernando Lameirinhas, Sensual, Lilian Vieira, Samba Soul, etc.


His actual projects are:

Fulvia (Brazilian-Italian Jazz), Zabumba (Forró), Cariopa (Samba de raiz), Manuel di Candinho (Music from Cape Verde/Jazz), K- Choro (Choro music), Choro de Maas (Choro Septet).